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Sun River Electric Rates

Base Rate

The base rate covers a portion of the fixed costs incurred by the cooperative, such as taxes, insurance, member billing, accounting, etc., to serve a member regardless of the amount of electricity used by that member. 

Demand and Energy Charges

The demand and energy charges cover the cost to deliver electricity to your location, which includes the purchase of power and the operation and maintenance of the electric system.  KWH (kilowatt hours), or usage, refers to your energy consumption during the month.  KW (kilowatts), or demand, reflects the capacity needed to provide the energy to you.

Universal Systems Benefit Program

Universal System Benefits Programs (USBP) is a state-mandated program that requires a utility to spend a minimum amount of funds on certain social programs, such as low income assistance, energy conservation, and renewable resources.  A portion of these expenses are collected through the USBP charge on each member’s bill.  

Questions?  Please call us at 467-2527 or 800-452-7516.


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