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Seasonal and Misc Farm/Ranch

Effective January 1, 2021

Type of Service

Single phase, 60 cycles, at available secondary voltage.


To all members requiring single phase service for seasonal homes (not primary residences) or miscellaneous small farm and ranch services (including, but not limited to, stock wells, grain bins, outbuildings), served at less than 50 KVA capacity, subject to the rules and regulations of the cooperative.  The total capacity of any single phase motor under this schedule shall not exceed 10 HP without written permission of the cooperative.  Members requiring single phase service with capacities exceeding 50 KVA shall be served under the GS Rate Schedule.

Billing Options

Annual Billing

With annual billing, the member is charged the base rate in advance in May.  The usage is billed the following May.  Members opting for annual billing will receive one disconnect and one reconnect per year at no charge.

  • Base Rate - $408.00/year
  • Demand Charge - $4.00/kw
  • Energy Charge - $0.07805/kwh

Monthly Billing

Members have the option of paying the base rate and usage on a monthly basis.  Members opting for monthly billing will pay the normal disconnect and reconnect fees.

  • Base Rate - $34.00/month
  • Demand Charge - $4.00/kw
  • Energy Charge - $0.07805/kwh

Minimum Charge

The minimum annual charge shall be the higher of the following:

  1. The cost for service as calculated by the rates specified.
  2. $1.00 per KVA per month of installed transformer capacity over 10 KVA for overhead and over 15 KVA for underground, plus the base rate.
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