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Outage Reporting: (406) 467-2527 or 800-452-7516


Effective for January 1, 2021

Type of Service

Single phase or three phase, 60 cycles, at available secondary voltage.


Available to all members, upon application, where the cooperative's line facilities are adequate, or can feasibly be made adequate, for irrigation pumping.  

Monthly Rates

  Three Phase   Single Phase

Base Rate

Demand Charge     

Energy Charge     








Method of Payment

Readings will be received electronically on the 1st day of each month with statements generated and mailed on or around the 11th day of each month.  Payments will be due upon receipt of statement and past due after the last day of that month.  

Power Factor Adjustment

The consumer agrees to maintain unity power factor as nearly as practicable.  At the option of the cooperative the power factor and KW demand of the consumer shall be measured and the monthly bills adjusted.  Such adjustment shall be made by increasing the bills by 1% of each 1% by which the average power factor is less than 95% lagging.  At the request of the cooperative the consumer agrees to apply corrective measures to his load to bring the average power factor to 95% lagging, or higher.

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