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General Service GS-2 Large Commercial

Effective January 1, 2021

Type of Service

Three phase, 60 cycle at cooperative’s available secondary voltage, or single phase when three phase is not readily available, and 50 KVA or more of installed transformer capacity is required, subject to the rules and regulations of the cooperative.


To all members requiring three phase service or single phase service of at least 50 KVA of installed transformer capacity, and with historical demand of at least 30 KW for at least three months of the previous 12-month period.  Motors in excess of 10 HP must be three phase, unless approved by the cooperative.

Monthly Rates

Base Rate


Demand Charge                    


Energy Charge


Minimum Monthly Charge

The minimum monthly charge shall be the higher of the following:

  1. The cost for service as calculated by the rates specified.
  2. $1.00 per KVA installed transformer capacity over 20 KVA, plus the base charge.

Power Factor Adjustment

The consumer agrees to maintain unity power factor as nearly as practicable.  At the option of the cooperative the power factor and KW demand of the consumer shall be measured and the monthly bills adjusted.  Such adjustment shall be made by increasing the bills by 1% of each 1% by which the average power factor is less than 95% lagging.  At the request of the cooperative the consumer agrees to apply corrective measures to his load to bring the average power factor to 95% lagging, or higher.

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