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Outage Reporting: (406) 467-2527 or 800-452-7516

Minuteman Missile

Effective January 1, 2018

Available For:

Electric service to Minuteman Launch Control Facilities and Launch Facilities, in accordance with the terms and conditions of Contract No. F24604-69-D0009.


Demand Charge:


Energy (Distribution) Charge:


Monthly Minimum:

   $2.00 per installed KVA

Purchased Power Rider

Members in this rate class are also subject to the Purchased Power Rider.  For more information, see Schedule PPR (Purchased Power Rider).

Determination of Demand:

The billing demand shall be the maximum kilowatt demand established by the consumer for any period of fifteen consecutive minutes, with a five minute block rolling average, during the month for which the bill is rendered, as indicated or recorded by a demand meter.

Billing Procedure:

All demand and energy readings will be made at each point of delivery.  The billing will be computed by adding the demand and energy readings of all points of delivery and applying the above rate to the total of demand and of energy.

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