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Ground Source Heat Pump Rebate

Ground Source or geothermal heating and cooling systems are the most efficient and earth friendly systems on the market today. To encourage our membership to use this technology, Sun River Electric Cooperative (SREC) offers a one time installation rebate on qualifying systems. In addition, geothermal systems qualify for a $1500 renewable energy tax credit from the State of  Montana and the federal government also will offer a tax credit up to 30% of the total project costs.

Sun River Electric will rebate $200 per installed ton of ‘Ground Source’ heat pump capacity up to a maximum of $1000 per system.

Your home can be a site-built home or a mobile/manufactured home. If you are a SREC electric customer you are eligible, regardless of current heating source (including gas or propane).

Program Steps:

  1. Request a "Geothermal Heat Pump Rebate Agreement" from the Member Service Department of Sun River Electric.
  2. Return the agreement to SREC for approval.
  3. Upon SREC approval, the contractor installs the system to program specifications.
  4. SREC inspects the system for program compliance.
  5. If system and installation are in compliance – SREC issues rebate payment.

"99% of GHP owners would recommend one to a friend"

- From a consumer survey of the Associated Electric Cooperative, Missouri


Note: This page includes downloadable files that are in Adobe PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download Acrobat Reader free of charge from Adobe's web site. This is a safe, fast and easy installation. 

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