Green Energy

Renewable energy purchase is now an option at Sun River Electric Cooperative.

We have purchased a block of "Green Tag Certificates" (also known as Renewable Energy Certificates) which we are marketing as "Green Energy".  Purchasing "Green Energy" is a way for consumers to support the production of renewable energy and reduce the impact of their personal energy consumption.

To purchase "Green Energy", the SREC member can contact the SREC office and request a "Green Energy Purchase Agreement". The premium for "Green Energy" will be 2.5 cents above the current SREC kWh rate. For the average SREC account usage of 1,000 kWh's per month, the premium amount would be an additional $2.50 per month.

This opportunity is being offered on a first request basis so interested members should contact the SREC office to take advantage of this new offering. The contact number for the office is 467-2527 or 1-800-452-7516, ask for Brad or Ross. 

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